Trampoline Safety Rules

Only one person on the trampoline at a time.

Before getting onto the trampoline remove all footware and sharp objects from pockets.

No smoking, eating or drinking on the trampoline.

Do not use the trampoline when under the influence of drink or drugs.

Beginners should be supervised.

When getting on or off always use 2 hands on the frame.

Never use the springs as hand grips.

Never use the trampoline as a spring-board onto other objects or into a pool.

Never jump from other objects such as a house roof, walls, trees etc. Onto the trampoline.

Use of the trampoline is at your own risk.

Never bounce from the trampoline onto the ground always stop bouncing, then climb off the trampoline.

No jumping or climbing on fences

No knives or scissors on trampoline

No pushing or double bouncing

Check the weight catagory of the trampoline and make sure you conform

If at a resort. Play area or restaurant request safety certificate and report faults to the person on duty immediately you notice them