More Than Just a Trampoline

Trampolines are used for fun most of the time but if the correct unit is purchased, it can have extraordinary results for its users. Whilst having fun the user is improving in the following areas:

Fine motor control , Enhancing co-ordination

Fitness , Developing upper body strength

Medical therapy , Muscle toning


Cardio-vascular fitness

Helps alleviate childhood obesity

Expert recommendation: The experts encourage the use of trampolines to improve your health. By bouncing for a minimum of 5 minutes per day increases your cellular oxygenation, strengthens weak muscles and joints, improves aerobic capacity, and most importantly cleanses and detoxes the lymphatic system (Dr. Weatherby). Numerous teachers confirm that physically active students perform notably better during exams than less active children – therefore it is essential to the learning process to allow children to explore every aspect of movement and balance (Dr. Hannaford).

Why trampolines are great for your family

Benefits for children:

While haveing fun, limbs are strengthened

Playing outside in the fresh air

Co-ordination and balancing skills will improve

Burning calories and improving muscle tone

Positive effect on their self-esteem, confidence and learning process

Benefits for adults:

Weight loss

Lowering of blood pressure

Increase in energy levels and flexibility

Muscle toning

Positive effect on your joints

Benefiting your heart and lungs

The up and down movement cleanses and flushes out toxins

Stimulates your digestive system

Owning a garden trampoline is very beneficial and can be used by the whole family. You can expect to enjoy hours and hours of healthy fun and exercise.